21st Century Skills and the School Library

Definition of 21st Century Skills--from the partnership for 21st century skills

AASL Standards for the 21st Century Learner

Infographic from AASL showing the importance of school libraries to student achievement and development of 21st century skills

Articles of interest:

Five Key roles for 21st Century School Librarians by Michelle Luhtala from eSchool News

Soapbox: Not Fast Enough by Mark Ray from School Library Journal

How Twitter is Reinventing Collaboration Among Educators by Elana Leoni from MediaShift

Things I Think that Teacher Librarians Should Unlearn by Joyce Valenza from The NeverEnding Search, an SLJ blog

Divine Design: how to create the 21st century school library of your dreams by Margaret Sullivan from School Library Journal

It Takes a Group of People to Rescue a Sinking Ship: Colorado’s “Survive and Thrive” Campaign by Sara Kelly Johns from Make Some Noise, an SLJ blog

Web Sites on Literacies for 21st-Century Learning by Greg Byerly from School Library Monthly

From Libraries to Learning "Libratories:" The New ABC's of 21st-Century School Libraries by Bernie Trilling from School Library Monthly

36 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Be Able To Do by Terry Heick from Teach Thought

Ebooks and Ereaders:

Essential links and resources collated by AASL on using electronic books in schools and school libraries